Does exercise help to improve your sleep?

The answer is yes. Why yes? Because it helps you make a daily routine therefore setting your body-clock the way it should be. Also there are plenty of reasons why sweating is good for you. To summarize it all here are some reasons why you should sweat to sleep better.

Exercise routine and proper diet

When you sweat you release toxins from your body and you replenish the good vitamins and minerals with a proper diet and you will find that sleep will follow. There are foods that will help you sleep well too like water crests, pineapples, and some all natural mother of all apple ciders. The foods mentioned helps the body expel heavy metal toxins that are bad for the body and brain like fluoride and other heavy metals.

30 minutes of walking a day in the morning will help you start that exercise routine. Start light and eventually do more, like walk for a month then proceed to jogging then running. It is not a one day thing it is a time spent commitment to improve sleep naturally. Do not exercise 3-4 hours before sleep since adrenaline and other chemicals released by the body in exercise will last in your system for hours.

Over-exercising is also a no-no when you want to sleep since it gives your body more stress than helping it relax. Very heavy exercise routines are better left to the body builders who want plenty of muscles.

Golf exercises can be amazing for your health –

Setting that clock

A routine of exercise is good when you have all sorts of nasty layers of fat and toxins piled up in your system. Exercising helps release your body’s accumulated stress and toxins therefore giving you better sleep. With a daily routine of exercise the body will set internal biological timers in the body that will help you sleep when you need to.

The pineal gland is located in the middle of the brain and it is the one responsible for sleep. Expelling toxins from the body will help this gland do better at doing its job properly. Lots of nasty toxins will prevent you from having that good night’s rest.

So do your workout at morning followed by a heavy meal, healthy lunch, and eat a light meal at night followed by rest. Doing this routine will also help you get a healthy body and mind. This will help set that biological clock and give you a deeper sleep for a longer period of time.