Sports Gear

Choosing the best workout clothes

Man, woman, child, teens, senior citizen, and more. Want style, form, functionality, durability, comfort? For spring, summer, winter, autumn? Indoors or outdoors? There are a lot of things people think of when choosing that set of work out cloths. Don’t over heat your brain and follow this quick guide.

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The absolute no-no

For men, please do not wear those leggings and very-short-shorts or your little friend between your legs will be exposed while being not exposed and people will be distracted in a bad way or offended.

For women, keep the ultra-short-shorts on the beach and wear a sports bra. A woman’s chest will also need support to reduce injury. Ladies please, you do not want to expose all that skin, so embarrassing.

For all, absolutely do not wear baggy or oversized cloths, unless you want an accident to happen.

What to wear?

Priority #1: handles moisture fast, the cloths should be able to let sweat evaporate quickly. This will help the body to cool and lesser odour due to bacteria and other nasty stuffs. Comfortable clothes that gives support to important body parts should be the second priority.

Layering for different seasons especially when your country has 4 of them: summer, spring, autumn, winter. In the tropics there are also 4 seasons: cold, cold and flooded, hot and moist, and hellishly hot and dry. Always keep this in mind when going for the outdoor work-out.

Brands to Choose From

There are so many brands to choose from and here are the top pics from well-known to not that well known but still great.

Gymshark – it has a huge variety of products for the gym and a definite first brand to go to when looking for that great gym wear. It has it all from the basic to the high end tech embedded wears.

UnderArmour – an ultimate in sports cloths that has the support to boost with an extensive range of cloths. It is extremely comfortable in any occasion and can go the extra mile during a sports routine.

Nike – This one is everywhere the best range mixed with style. If the previous two is not in your local market then Nike is the next go to for your workout needs.

Reebok – another brand that is everywhere with more than 100 years of history. This is the perfect outdoors wear brand you can go to with their brand focusing on outdoors.

Adidas – Street + Gym in one, is the equation in Adidas’ mind. They mix casual street style clothing and workout cloths well. This is a brand for the younger ones who want to go places while exercising.

Alala –nothing better for that yoga class than Alala. The stretch-friendly of all apparels this one is not that easy to rip when doing those seemingly impossible bends and twists.