Cardio or weights? which one is better for weight loss?

Plenty of institutions have asked the same thing and have done a lot of research about this topic. They did months of research to give us a common answer. First let’s differentiate each one, cardio and weights does target different things.

Cardio exercise

Make your heart and lungs stronger while burning calories in the long term. Cardio is for building muscle endurance and depending on what cardio you do, your body shape will also follow. Doing ample cardio exercise will also lessen stress over time and give you a better feel in life.

The heavier you are the more calories you burn when you are doing cardio about 30% more than weights. That percent can change depending if you cardio leisurely like a jog or intensely like a speed run. Lastly, it burns more calories per session versus weights for the same period.

Doing cardio will not get you more muscle though.

Weight training

Pumping all those weights will give you more muscles and more muscles means more calorie busting while resting. Tired muscles will also burn calories for regeneration of damages muscle fibres and muscle building.

Doing weight training will enhance your metabolism therefore more calories are burnt. You also keep on burning calories after the actual session. How much your metabolism rises depends on your body, it is not a guaranty that your metabolism will increase highly but it will increase significantly.

This routine won’t give you endurance unlike cardio.

The verdict from plenty of studies and experiments

Cardio and weights have different uses but ends up on the same result for calorie burning. Have one or both exercise depending on what body you want to have aside from burning calories.

Have a weight session followed by some cardio. Get the benefit of both to maximize calorie burn in the shortest time and maintain that healthy body with cardio once you hit your ideal weight.

Having more than 150 minutes of any exercise per week is a must if you want to lose all those extra layers. Controlling what you eat is also important to shave off all those extra layers, skip all those grease and go for boil, steam, or gill.

Friendly reminders

Going for cardio is as easy as having a run or jog, but weight training needs expert assistance. Always ask an expert trainer for advice before you dedicate months of weight loss. Minimize your regrets and maximize your health.

Reminders at one point in any exercise you will stop losing weight which means that your body is building up more good mass like more muscles or better bone density.