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Best inversion tables

Inversion tables are for inversion therapy and it involves being tied at the ankles and then you will be flipped upside down, foot up and head down. Why? Because many of us needs to decompress their back bone and/or add more challenge to squats and crunches.

Listed here is the best inversion tables in order of brands:

Ironman Gravity 4000                   

Another one from Ironman, this time it can take on users weighing a maximum of 350lbs. The back rest is made of memory foam for the best back support. It is very firm to the feel with skid proof rubber stabilizer. It has a patented design unique to the IRONMAN Gravity 4000.

IronMan IFT 4000 Infrared

This one goes beyond the table flip and adds a whole back infrared heat therapy that provides muscle and joint pain relief. It takes 15 minutes for the heat to reach maximum temperature of 140°F. The heaters have a remote control and a small display on the handle so you can adjust the heat. A downside to it is the storage, since it is thicker than the others but that thickness also means that it can support the maximum of 350lbs.

Teeter EP-560 Product Variants

The EP-560 comes in 3 variants with their own unique feature. Most importantly all variants are US FDA cleared, UL listed, quick and easy 5-step assembly, easy foldable for storage, patented wrap-around ankle cups, and stronger back-pain relief compared to the average inversion tables.

Teeter EP-960 Ltd.

Teeter EP-960 Ltd. is called so for a premium feature that exists on it. There is an extended ankle lock handle to reduce bending as well as precise rotational control. Teeter seems to notice the problem with a few back-pain sufferers who could not bend but had to when they use tables.

Innova ITM4800

Want a relaxing heat therapy massage to go along with your workout? Innova ITM4800 gives you that and more. It has a safety pin, 5 choices of inversion degrees starting at 15°, weight capacity at 300lbs, and height range from 4’10” to 6’6″.

Innova ITX9700

It features an ergonomic ankle lock with design fit for beginners. This table can also be attached with a hot or cold compress that is sold separately. There are also plenty of adjustable features on this model for height, headrest, inversion and the lumbar supporter.

Merax Inversion Table

It is red hot with a removable back support that can also heat massage and vibrate. Unlike the previous ones mentioned with horizontal massagers this one got it vertical for more back coverage. The table can support users who are the maximum of 300 lbs, but only allows a maximum height of 6’3″.

Lucy May

Lucy May

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